Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings, also known as Composites, are a white filling material that bond to teeth creating a lasting restoration with a natural appearance. Composites have become the primary choice for dental fillings due to their conservative nature, bonding properties, and ability to “blend in.”

Composite bonding is a technology that allows the restorative material to physically integrate with the tooth, creating a unique interface with tooth and filling. In most circumstances, minimal tooth structure is removed compared to the preparation for other dental materials, such as amalgam. This is because composite resins adhere to enamel and dentin via a micro-mechanical bond, which eliminates the need to take away more healthy tooth to achieve a thicker restoration for strength such is the case with amalgams. As conservation of tooth structure is crucial in tooth preservation, today, many dentists prefer placing materials like composite instead of amalgam fillings whenever possible.