ICON Resin Infiltration

Icon offers a revolutionary approach to the cosmetic treatment of white spot lesions. Painless and drill free! White spots on teeth are most commonly associated with post orthodontic treatment or congenital malformations in the tooth leading to areas of demineralization and hypocalcification. With one simple procedure and without unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure, these spots can literally disappear in less than a 60 minute office visit.


· much less invasive and less expensive than the alternatives of fillings or veneers
· can be done sooner than other cosmetic options like veneers that you have to wait until growth is complete
· Untreated white spots often look worse after bleaching. White spots treated with Icon will whiten similarly to the natural tooth enamel

ICON Resin


  1. The surface area of the lesion is pumiced clean and treated with a 15% HCl gel. This opens the pore system of the lesion body.
  2. The pore system is then dried with ethanol.
  3. ICON is then applied with a brush onto the lesion body. The extremely high penetration coefficient of the Icon resin enables it to penetrate into the lesion pores.
  4. Excess material is then removed and the material is light cured.
  5. Final polishing and finishing is then completed with disks. 


· Research shows stability for at least 8 weeks. Think of it compared it to people who whiten their teeth – the teeth look so much better, but they do occasionally have to bleach again for maintenance. That being said, we have seen our patients with results lasting much longer!

* IMPORTANT * This is a treatment we offer to help fade the appearance of white spots in teeth. We can not guarantee the spot will disappear completely, but in most cases it provides a significant cosmetic improvement in one simple, painless visit. Worse case scenario – there’s no change in appearance, but at least nothing irreversible or invasive has been done to the tooth.